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Jaci Burton / Simone Elkeles / Jeaniene Frost / E L JamesLinda Kage / Laura Kaye / Katie Klein / Linda Francis Lee / Cherrie Lynn / Natalie Palmer / Jennifer Probst / Julia Quinn / Daniel Silva / Nalini Singh / Barbara WallaceTom Wood
I contacted the authors and asked them to answer the following question: What does writing mean to you? So far nine of these lovely people agreed to take part and I'm happy to introduce them to you!

I'm beyond happy to introduce Jaci Burton to you. I rated both books in her Play by Play series 5 stars. The Perfect Play was the perfect read. I didn't think it could get any better. Shows what I know! Changing the Game literally blew me away. Click the covers for the review! Thanks, Jaci, for emailing me a quote. I know you're pretty busy! Appreciate it very much.
"The opportunity to bring my characters to life in thought, words and actions. To live the dream I've had for more than half my life. Jaci Burton"
Now for some stalking opportunities...
E L James surprised me in the best way possible with the first two books of her Fifty Shades series. Romance with a splash of kink and a tortured hero. Count me in! Fifty Shades of Grey will leave you wanting more. You're in luck, because Fifty Shades Darker is out already and I love it even more!! Click the cover to read my review.
"Writing for me is a voyage of discovery. Not only do I get to meet new people - my characters - and work out what makes them tick, but I also get to do the things they do – such as flying helicopters or sailing catamarans. It’s such a wonderful escape from the banality of real life… the laundry, the cleaning (What cleaning? says my husband) etc… I love it. 
And what's most exciting is, I get to find out about myself; my likes and dislikes. Sometimes they surprise me more than anything."
Connect with the wonderful and talented E L James via her homepage and Co. Bet ya 50 cent you won't be sorry!
Hello Linda! I was thrilled to get your message on Goodreads. Thanks for taking the time to write. Love your YA novel The Stillburrow Crush. A very sweet journey of finding love in a small town. Of course I had to give your adult contemporary The Trouble with Tomboys a try as well. One kick-ass heroine! My favorite, however, is Delinquent Daddy. Fantastic! Click on the covers for the review.
"Writing is like breathing to me; I'm not sure how I'd survive without it. It's definitely what keeps me at least half-way sane. I'm usually spacing off with my head in a story. If I never wrote down my characters and their stories, it might get so crowded up there I'd just blow. I love stories and achieving an emotional journey with a happy ending. And I share them with the world because if even just one reader experienced that emotional journey with me, then I feel like a success."
Visit Linda and don't forget to check out her other work!
Laura, thank you very much for taking the time to provide a quote. I'm so glad I happened to stumble over Forever Freed. In the mood for a very unique PNR? This is the book for you! Click the cover to see what I had to say about it.
"To me, writing means the freedom to pursue my passion, the satisfaction of expressing what's within, and the joy of entertaining others. I'm on a journey made wondrous by how many great reader and writer friends I'm making along the way."
Visit Laura to say hi. She'll be thrilled.
Yay! Thanks a lot for agreeing to submit a quote for this new section of my blog. I had a great time reading Cross My Heart. It's one of those books you won't forget for a long time. A sweet, sometimes dark, and often surprising YA romance. Click the cover to check out my review!
"I want to take readers on a journey. I want them to find themselves in my characters while losing themselves between the pages. I want my readers to fall in love. I want to make them laugh. I want to make them cry. I want to create characters that are so unforgettable it's impossible to stop thinking about them, even after the story is told. I want my readers to find meaning in the words and return to the stories again and again. And finally, I want them to close my books with a sigh and a smile, satisfied."
Visit Katie! You won't regret it, I promise. Cross my Heart!

You have to give this sweet romance novel for young adults a try! It's about love, friendship  and family. Truly a great read. I enjoyed it very much. Click the cover to check out my review of Second Kiss! Natalie, thank you for emailing me the answer to my question. I owe you!
"I wish I could say that I have total control over my characters... that I'm the goddess of their universe. That I decide what, when and how they act or are acted upon. But I can't say this at all. Because as I write, the story unfolds in ways I never even imagined. The story writes itself and my fingers on the keyboard are merely a tool to help this happen. And it’s because of this that to me, writing means that there are stories out there in the universe waiting to be told and some of them have chosen me to tell them."
Find out more about Natalie by stopping by her blog or Goodreads profile!
Who would've thought buying a book on a whim would lead to a 5-star rating? I fell in love with this super-cute contemporary romance. The Marriage Bargain is a great book. Don't miss out on it! Click the cover to read my review. I'm thrilled to share Jen's thoughts on what writing means to her with you.
"Writing is my own personal journey in a world full of hills, quick turns, pain, pleasure, joy, and everything in between. I make sense of who I am, and by sharing my stories with others, I am able to try and make it a better place, in a very small way. Writing satisfies my soul, and fills me up. It is a hard mistress to court, but worth every drop of sweat, blood and tears. Writing humbles me. I read a quote in The Artists Way by Julia Cameron that said, "Creativity is God's gift to us. Using our creativity is our gift back to God". That is exactly how I view my writing."
Make sure to get some stalking-time in!

Weekend Agreement is a beautiful contemporary romance novel that will make you smile. I enjoyed reading it very much. Click the cover to check out my review. Such a cute read! Thank you for your wonderful quote, Barbara. 
It's not so much what writing means to me as writing is a part of me. Every character is a tiny piece of my identity.
How about paying Barbara a visit? Good idea!
The author of my favorite book of 2011 has joined the fun and sent the answer to my question. I'm doing the happy dance! The Hunter is an awesome thriller. Once you've picked it up - there's no stopping. Didn't think it possible, but he managed to up the ante with this short story Bad Luck in Berlin and book #2 The Enemy. Click the cover and read my ramblings
"Even if I wasn’t writing my imagination would be coming up with plots and scenes and characters, so I see writing as a release for my imagination. So for me it is a natural progression from the way I’m wired. And of course there is immense satisfaction in taking an idea and developing it into a story I like, and it’s even more satisfying if other people like it too. Sometimes, it can even be satisfying if people don’t like it."
Visit Tom and tell him to share a sneak peek of his second third book already. The wait is killing me!!!

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